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Thomas Petersen, Jr.

Tommy was a son, brother, husband, father, coach, boss, mentor, friend,

son-in-law, neighbor, nephew, uncle

and hero to so many.


He loved his family, community, family in law enforcement, and friends.

He was taken from all of us way too soon.

You never questioned where you stood with Tommy...

Both good and bad but, if he loved you then he would support you through both good and bad times. Tommy was tough and expected the best from everyone around him but, never more than the effort and time that he could give on any topic or project.  He loved the Norton Police Department and his colleagues…he had great jokes and nicknames for everyone but, if you ever needed anything and called Tommy he would be there for you. He loved his Norton Police and law enforcement family. It brought him great joy being a policeman and trying to set a great example for those around him.

His love for the Town of Norton could be seen in his relationships...

With Norton Fire, Wheaton College, the Norton schools, schoolchildren and his closest Norton friends. For years, our dryer lint was a bright shade of purple due to all of his Norton gear. He truly loved the town and always wanted the best for Norton. Norton-- he had your back even in his final days. He loved planning and participating in big town events, and he would be so humbled by the showing of support we have seen recently.

His love for family was endless...

He would work overtime under terrible conditions to pay for vacations, gifts, and spoiling his family. He missed events to work overtime and would frequently send his kids a picture of him directing traffic to show them that hard work leads to success and the good things in life. It was not always easy to meet his expectations but, his family always rose to the challenge and a call from his sons, sisters, aunts, niece, uncles, nephew, brothers-in-law, aunts, or in-laws would leave him smiling ear to ear. In July 2021, we celebrated his 51st birthday in dinners and celebrations. He had a great time and certainly, his last months were spent laughing, joking, and telling those he loved that he loved them.

He had an amazing group of friends from both the NPD and other relationships...

He loved going to Foxwoods with Chris and golfing with Timmy and Todd on their yearly golf event. He loved nothing more than texting jokes with his friends from the PD. He would search for pictures to send messages to the group for hours. Going out to dinner with our friends was always a favorite pastime. Dinners with the Veglas’s, Jarbeaus, Rorkes, Hayes’, Landry’s, Steeles, and Caramanicas were always great times.

He dreamed of a retirement down the Cape surrounded by his boys and families!

He was packed and ready to go with reservations made for our week in Falmouth at Matt and Candy’s house. He had booked a boat ride, dinners, and events to meet up with friends. He could not wait to hang out with Nick, Matt, Casey, and Margaret. We are so sad that he will not be with us during this trip. He could not wait to walk to the beach and sit on the patio and laugh with his boys. Although he said that he loved the beach.. except for the crowds, sun, sand, people, and salty water...he would bring all of our stuff to the beach, set up his enormous umbrella, and enjoy the beach as only Tommy could. He did not always look like he was enjoying the time but, he really was.

The past year was a tough one losing one of his best friends, beating COVID, spending Christmas in quarantine without contact with his kids and working hard to lose 100 pounds. The year was also filled with landing his dream job in his hometown, watching his youngest graduate with his bachelors and masters, his oldest continuing to climb the corporate ladder, his niece and nephews finding success in school, athletics and life and his sisters happy.



He watched his nephews win football, basketball and baseball games, his niece become a talented gymnast, his nephew commit to the military, his in-laws celebrate fifty years of marriage, and his family surround him with love.



Tommy was the most loyal person I ever knew. He worked hard for what was right and had the highest level of integrity. He led by example always hoping that a lesson was learned by every one of his actions. He believed something could be learned from every event and interaction.  He read every management book and listened to every podcast to constantly be a better leader and a better man.



He had so many plans for his future mapped out and he had no idea that his life would be cut short at 51. None of this makes any sense but we will make you proud big guy.


The love from friends, family, and strangers has been amazing. We will continue to lean on you all as we plan for a life without Tommy.



Please treasure every single moment and always take the time to enjoy your family.



We promise to make you proud and to share stories about you forever.

We will never forget you.

C2 Foundation Logo-1.png


The C2 Foundation, Inc is an official Massachusetts 501(c)(3) non profit organization.  Our mission is to keep the memory of Deputy Chief Thomas Petersen alive by supporting various community endeavors. 


Deputy Chief Petersen was a true pillar of the Norton community in all that he did, and we plan to honor him and keep his memory alive in all that we do as an organization.


The purpose of the board of directors is to focus on the organization's mission while overseeing all programs, activities, and events related to the C2 Foundation.  


President/Treasurer: Robb McCoy

Director/Clerk: Michelle Petersen

Director: Matthew Petersen

Director: Nicholas Petersen

Director: Todd Bramwell

Director: Andy Gomes

Director: Timothy Nordbeck

Director: Christopher C. Veglas

Director: Brad Wry

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